Jackie Devereux – Contemporary Works on Paper

Jackie Devereux – “Much more sexy”

What you learn very quickly about Jackie Devereux is that everything she does is done with passion, enthusiasm, and a willingness and need to push herself to see how far she can go.

Born in London, it was while at school there that she fell in love with calligraphy. This and her love of drawing have shaped her as a person and an artist. After 2 years in ‘a proper job’ as an illustrator and graphic designer specializing in corporate logos and brochures Jackie enrolled at Art College in St Albans. It was a reminder that her love of drawing was her future path. Jackie then studied as a teacher and is qualified to teach adults and still does. Since 1981 she has been with Barry, a successful photographer in his own right and they have on occasion exhibited together. And there you have it, an artists life!

But that would be to do an injustice to this most approachable and giving artist. Jackie Devereux is known mainly as a watercolorist but she uses contemporary techniques and has for many years pushed the boundaries in this media with the use of bold transparent colors that previously were not associated with watercolors. She often incorporates calligraphy into her work and fine hand embossing.

She and Barry moved to France in 1991 and within mere months were running workshops sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm to an ever increasing audience.

She continues to run workshops and classes in both France and the US and is currently starting an art correspondence course to spread the word further. Her watercolors continue to push the ‘normal’ boundaries afforded to this media and she is currently producing large canvas watercolors as “a method to stretch myself, I now have the confidence to try this”.

When asked to describe what it was she did, she didn’t want to be held by the title “watercolorist” and her agent came up with the title of this piece which they both agreed was “Much more sexy”!

Looking at Jackies recent work you are drawn to the missing areas. The areas that she leaves white, ensuring that your focus is drawn to the composition of the work and this, like many areas of her work, may have been garnered from the graphic work she undertook in earlier years.

Jackie Devereux is equally at home with pen and ink and if you see her out and about you will no doubt spot her with a sketch book drawing with the unwanted gift of her Schaeffer pen. But look closely, Jackie Devereux does not replicate what she sees, she interprets and this is a gift that she passes onto others.

As has been seen, Jackie continues to look for ideas and new horizons wherever she goes and since a chance meeting in London, Jackie has been the artist in residence on a number of cruises for 5 years. Now firmly established after 14 cruises, she gives watercolor and drawing classes around the world.  Add to this her weekly classes in the South of France and her workshops and holidays in the UK and at home in France and Jackie Devereux is an artist who not only stretches herself but wants to stretch others.

Indian Summer
Indian Summer

Jackie is working on large format works on paper and has now been for some time using an abstract based ideal. She states “I now have the confidence to try the large format works and as I tell people who come to draw and paint with me, it is never wrong to try something.”

She has won numerous awards for her work and is a regular contributor to publications including ‘The Artist’. She is a Council Member for the Society of Graphic Fine Art.

Jackie Devereux is widely collected and can be found in Private collections as well as hotels and corporate clients including B.P.

For further information visit: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/watercolour-online/